Pushpay is more than just a convenient way for you to accept payments or receive gifts and donations using mobile technology – it is a payment platform that can also integrate with your own solutions in many exciting ways.

One key way you can integrate is through our API – an Application Programming Interface that allows you to build software, or use solutions developed by third parties, which integrate with the pushpay platform.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

API Key Features

The Pushpay API has a number of beneficial features for you as a Pushpay 'merchant'. These include the ability:

  • for new and existing customers/donors to search and find you using a range of criteria, including country, name and geolocation.
  • for customers/donors to find out more about you and the payment features you support, including:
    • name, address & notes
    • geolocation
    • the reference fields you require to be completed with payment
    • the possible values for those reference fields
    • any limits (minimum/maximum value) you impose on payments
    • the currencies you support
    • your logo/brand imagery
  • to initiate receiving payments, gift or donations (what we call an “anticipated payment”) from a customer/donor, to track the progress of these payments through to completion, and to retrieve specific details of the transaction, including:
    • amount
    • any values entered into reference fields by the payer
    • details of who paid (email address, mobile number, name)
  • to be alerted whenever you have received new payments and being able to retrieve details of those payments.

API Solutions

By combining the API features described above together, some exciting options can be enabled. You can:

  • use Pushpay as a payment method for an online shopping cart or a variety of other purchase experiences that you may wish to offer customers
  • be easily found by potential customers looking for organisations that can be paid using pushpay – making it possible to combine pushpay with other experiences such as maps
  • synchronize any payments you receive via Pushpay with other systems, such as your financial software
  • synchronize details of the payer (captured as details of the person or reference fields of their payment) with other systems, such as a client relationship management (CRM) tool.
  • Pushpay accommodate both bespoke merchant integrations (i.e. those built specifically for you as the merchant) as well as integrations developed by third parties that might be deployed to one or multiple merchants or Pushpay users.

Developer Tools

The Pushpay API is built to be used by software developers of a variety of skill levels – our offering includes a number of handy things to make it simple for developers to get up to speed with the API:

  • Detailed documentation of all the operations. This includes, in many cases, multiple examples of requests and responses.
  • SwaggerTM – a JSON based description of all the API operations Pushpay supports. This can be used to generate clients for the API.
  • A reference site demonstrating use of the API for the key scenario of initiating a payment through Pushpay as part of a shopping cart experience. The site is open-source.
  • Great support – we are keen to hear how you want to integrate with the Pushpay platform and offer guidance and help throughout the process.
  • We have a publicly accessible “sandbox” environment that developers are given access to so they can develop and test integrations without having to make real transactions.

Getting Started

If you plan to integrate with the Pushpay API, your first step is to contact the API Support Team, explain what it is you are trying to achieve, and how we can help make your ideas a reality!

Upon contact, one of our development team will be in touch to discuss options and to help guide you through the process, including:

  • providing access details for the sandbox API environment
  • explaining how to authenticate with the API
  • making suggestions on API operations that you will need to implement your integration.

Releasing Your Integration

Once you let us know that you are ready to go-live with your solution, you will be issued with access details for the production Pushpay platform and you can release your integration to the world.

If your integration is going to be made available for multiple merchants or Pushpay users (for example, integration with a popular shopping cart solution, or integration with a third party CRM or financial package), then contact us to discuss options around being listed as an ‘Integration’ on the Pushpay website.